A Little Bit About Me…

Maureen Cooke: Writer

I’m Maureen Cooke, I’ve been writing since second grade. That year Sister Mary Earl, of the Dominican Order, convinced me that I wrote better than I drew. My mother was devastated. What she’d always wanted was a visual artist. Regardless, I’ve been writing ever since.

Maureen Cooke: Mentors

I have studied writing with incredible artists.

In New Mexico, I studied fiction writing with John Nichols (Milagro Beanfield War) and Rudy Anaya (Bless Me Ultima).

In addition, I studied screenwriting with Matthew McDuffie (A Cool, Dry Place).

When I lived in California, I studied with Harry Lawton (Willy Boy).

Maureen Cooke: Publications

However, for a writer, it’s not good enough to have simply studied with incredible artists. You also need to be published.

The Corrales Writers’ Anthology, college journals, California newspapers, Baby Talk and Animal Wellness have all published my work.


The University of New Mexico and the University of California, Riverside honored me fellowships in fiction.

In addition, film festivals have honored my producing and screenwriting for Wax, On the Bus, and Followed.

Maureen Cooke: Current Projects

Right now I am working on several projects:

1) The Corrales Writing Group. Our latest anthology, Love, Sweet to Spicy: A Corrales Writing Group Anthology is now available at amazon.com.

2) Gluten Free and Dumped, based on my short story “End of the Story,” which you can find in Love, Sweet to Spicy. 

3) Stories My Mother Told Me. This one is based on Memories of My Mother, available at amazon.com.

Personal Info

I am a mother of two grown children, a grandmother of two, and live in New Mexico with way too many animals.

There are the indoor animals: four dogs, six cats, and one cockatiel. And the outdoor animals: three horses, one donkey, seven goats, ten ducks, and five Bantam chickens.





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